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Not all the Towers are created equal!



Professional grade duplication towers are a step above the rest, with included network client software, an a simple one-touch keypad and lots more ...

The most advanced Live Event Recorder/Duplicator

Product Code: FE0303

Building on the award winning design, this easy to use device is an ideal solution for recording church or school events, lectures, or concerts.



  • Record audio directly from your mixer or other analogue or digital source

  • Equally capable recording from cassette decks or DAT players

  • Frame Accurate Recording - Byte for Byte, 100% disc verification of audio CD recordings

  • Audio Track Extraction - Create an audio compilation disc one track at a time from multiple masters.

  • Recording from distance live event

  • Copy module expandability, from 6 to 60 drives

  • Free network client Command Module software

  • Drag and drop wav. files across remote network

  • Asynchronous Automated Copying - Just add an autoloader mechanism to convert to automation at a momentís notice





(from 6 to 60 drives, from CD to DVD)

Product Code: FE0301, FE0302


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Advanced Features, first in its kind with flexibility and scalability:


FE0301, & FE0302

  • Watermark

  • Recording Identity Device (RID)

  • Audio Track Extraction and Compilation

  • Embedded Windows XP Operating System

  • Fastest & Genuine Recording Speed

  • Byte By Byte Verification (only model in the world market Capable to verify Audio Tracks)

  • Network Connectivity

  • One Touch Screen Panel

  • Durable and Sturdy for heavy duty, 24/7

  • Scalable from 6 to 60 recording drives

  • HotSwap between CD and DVD recording drives


Recording Drives available for configuration


1.  Pioneer AO7 combo drives (for 8X DVD-R/+R)

Product No. FE0302

2. ProDRIVE (or 52X CD-R/+R)

Product No. FE0301

CD Recordable




 DVD recordable

All of the above devices have our standard warranty for 12 months after purchase, & timeless operative assistance. Extended technical maintenance is available. Please check out our Service webpage.

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Not all tower  duplicators are created equal

Audio and Data professionals alike count on them to get the job done accurately
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