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We are near to help... Tmeless support,on-site or return to depot.                We are near to help...! Tmeless support,on-site or return to depot...
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Data/Contents Restoration

Most cost-optimal power tool in eMarketing and ePromotion

Service scope through local or remote:

Lost, deleted, missing files


Unrecognized hard drives/movable drives/optical discs


Unformatted drives after hardware clash, sudden 

    electricity shortfall


Virus affection

  Expertise team:

Profound industrial experience for over 20 years in dealing with

   contents storage both in production and application

Overseas technical training for some of engineering staffs, and

   deploying top-notched software, hardware, system equipment

A dedicative studio in Taipo, HK and a technical manufacturing

   facility over 1,000 sq.metres in Ban Tian, SZ, China

You are in safe and good hands with us.
We safe guard the top privacy of each job, and have an uncompromised standing strict Privacy protection measure.

Send us a brief email: telling us the problematic issue with your

   contact details. We will respond the same day to follow through

We shall do a physical assessment within 2-4days for the successful

   rescue rate

Rescue process includes data/content

   restoration, recovery,    replication, normally will

   takes 1 - 2weeks. Tight time window can be


Assured confidentiality: we return original  

   devices to client, and never keep a trace of

   records by complete destruction. A non-

   disclosure undertaking can be provided upon

   special request                                                       Recent newsletter

Fair professional fees:

Preliminary assessment (1day to complete)


Technical data/contents rescue fee will be quoted 

    depending complication, sizes and livelihood of designated files or drives

Payment method

Speed email

Hot Tip
We produce CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, too.



Contents mean
They are data, images, files, audio and video.
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