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Animal Snapper (AAT)

We can supply customized quality memory cards and recordable discs in various type and format to suit your commercial or industrial purpose. It is important to use appropriate  media when using the replicating or duplicating equipment. To purchase the good printable media has to know the printing characteristic of printer, and to rely on a reliable manufacturer/vendor.

We have our own manufacturing facility, we have plenty of options to offer depending your budget. Our even offer the revolutionary warranty of 1 for 1 against defective disc.

Let us prove it to you.

  • Designed and created exclusively: the metallic Executive Power Pen, secure using with or without password, reversing stylus cap for all touch screens and OTG adapter cable to link with all portable handphone, tablets, and other capacitive screen devices.
  • Generic or OEM (bulk or retail pack) memory cards, SD, MMC,CF, MD etc., including the innvoative Tri-Card  (USBFlashDisk+MMC+SD Card) from 128MB~2GB at factory cost. Click the left photo for enlarged view.


  • Supply of Hitachi, Toshiba, Sanyo 2.5" mobile hard disks. Click the left photo for enlarged view.
  • Duplication grade CD-R, high seed, thermal blank printable in bulk, 12cm regular size in 700MB/80min.
  • Duplication grade CD-R, high speed, thermal or inkjet white painted printable in bulk, 12cm regular size in 700MB/80min.
  • Duplication grade DVD-R, 4X speed, general purpose, thermal blank printable in bulk, 12cm regular size in 4.7gb.

  • Varied speed 1-16X, Credit Card or business Card shape, 8cm round, Spur shape, blank and bulk from 50MB/5min to 200MB/20min are available.
  • Varied speed 1-16X, irregular shape, 3D Theme printed recordable discs, excellent for corporation, clubs, or exhibition publicity purposes.

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