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This is the best selling Disc-On demand publishing series in this region. It has the surprising simplicity in operation, powerful advanced features in functionality, and plenty flexible options of configuration to suit your budgetary plan. Write us your idea or plan and we will return you a feasibility report.

Specifications :

1. DirectorEC (FE0201):

     You supply the PC, offering a very affordable entry price
     2 (52X) CD-R ProDRIVES or 8X DVD-R/+R drives
     330 disc spindle capacity
     Compatible with Thermal and inkjet Disc Printer direct-to-disc printing

2. DirectorEC (FE0202):

     Fully configured Host PC included
     4 (52X) CD-R ProDRIVES or 8X DVD-R/+R drives
     Upto 600 disc spindle capacity (varies with printer)
     Compatible with the 2 thermal Thermal Disc Printer, and 3 Inkjet Disc

         Printer for direct-to-disc printing

3. DirectorEC (FE0203):


     Elite system of its kind for Blu-Ray discs application

     Built-in with top class recorder from 2 to 4

     Professional Dye-Sub image & label discs printing


More Flexibilities:

Hop Swap Towers, interchange between CD-R/+R and DVD-R/+R in minutes.

3 models of Inkjet printers and 2 models of Thermal printers are selectable to meet different printing need. Now, we offer the newest Dye-Sub picture/image discs printer for Blu-Ray discs.

Reburnished 24X SmartDRIVE, CD-R/RW drive in extravagant close windows chassis, 1394 parts still available for an alternate configuration option, standard warranty provided.

All of the above devices have our standard warranty for 12 months after purchase, & timeless operative assistance. Extended technical maintenance is available. Please check out our Service webpage.

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The DirectorEC Series is more flexible
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