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Unique, unparalleled, amazing quality products:

Electronic gift gadgets


Wireless reception android -











Franco-Italian design 18K gold plated jewellery with real semi-precious







Check with us by email, or by telephone for more and new up-



Prices are obtainable, please send request with complete contact details


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  Direct manufacturing cost including freight:

We are factory stockist, not trader, best rock-bottom manufacturing cost

We create and produce directly ourselves, not found elsewhere

Abundant stock in styles, colour and quantity to suit orders

Pack in retail and export requirement


Prompt and responsive:

3days dispatch (EMS), free shipping to local or neighbouring territories


2 years warranty


Timeless operational guide and technical support (email, web or phone)


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Accredited and recognition:

Rated as 5 starred supplier in American Specialty Institute (ASI), largest gift

   and promotion alliance in U.S.

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We produce CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, too.



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