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We are believers in the paperless, & digitized revolution integrating within the institution and office automation. We have focused in distributing the world leading recordable-discs publishing equipments. The market has appreciated the exclusive advanced features of anti-piracy, watermark, electronic fingerprint, byte by byte verification, getting the genuine recording speed as stated, and the direct local product technical support. We are delighted to have more top global equipment developers to partner with us. We expertise in optical and digital publishing, replicating, copying and printing on optical discs, now extending to flash memory related products, USB disk, all types of memory cards.


Our coverage solidifies in Hong Kong/Macau/China, yet we are also delighted to respond, whenever and wherever, to the calls from those customers in the neighbouring Pacific Rim.

We mission to offer the followings,

  • top notch advanced features equipment, from standalone unit to network based system for all disc replicating, duplicating, printing and terminal management.

  • reliable recordable and consumable

  • customized fulfillment

  • flexible options

  • fast delivery

  • local support

  • quality dealership inside China and the Pacific-Rim area

  • technical training & demo

  • timeless operative assistance

Find out more product information and service available by clicking into our Equipment, Material, Service.

Our service offers to all brands optical replicating units. If your purchased units are not distributed through our channel, we are here to help.

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