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Reception Series-VisCORDER

Reception Series-VisCORDER
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When people do not wish to miss any business visitor, delivery, co-worker, friend or neighbour, VisCorder is restlessly attending 24/7/365 all arrivals in the office, home, clinic, shop, warehouse, corridor, etc.


It is exclusively designed and created by us for outdoor, indoor or desktop, wireless, battery powered, plus 10 languages hint, worldwide warranty.



  • Entrance, door, gate, exit


  • Office, library, clinic, nursery home, patient room, empty corridor, gateway, stairs


  • Reception, service counter, attendance registry


When the bell button being pressed/hit, the door bell (provided) will alarm, the main device automatically activates to hint the visitor through voice speaker requesting name, contact phone and purpose of the visit. At the same time, the built-in camera will capture the arriving scene. Even though if the visitor or guest does not leave a name or audio message, the images will be captured through 30seconds session.

When there is a new recorded session, the Blue LED will alert. The owner can retrieve the recording through pre-set password. It is safe, personally secure, simple and easy.

See following many applying scenario examples:

Work or Office - Associate drops by:

Kim. Just get out from the sales meeting. Can't wait to tell you they like your idea. I have Joe's estimated figures here. Bring 2 coffees to my room as soon as you are back!

Work or Office - Non Delivery:

Good morning! We have a packet for Obama of US Corporation. The reference is ABC987. Please call xxx-xxxx xxx to arrange re-delivery at the time best suits you or you may want to collect yourself. We shall be back this afternoon around 15.00.

Work or Office - Visiting client while out for lunch or holiday:

Oops, blame my watch? I didn't realize it is lunch hour. I am in the neighborhood. I shall return after an hour. By the way, my name is Jeff. It is about the floor tiles in my house at ShipYard I talked with Clement 2 weeks ago.

Home - Young inviting neighbour:

Clara! See my new pet, my dad just bought for me. Just drop by to have fun with you. Come and help to give it a name!

Home - Leave a live message for where about:

Sweetheart, I am sneaking out for 3 hours with my gang. Hope the washer will be empty, and I would not be so muddy when home!

Home - Loss of key:

Mum, can't find my key. I'll be with Amanda till you return.

Duty attendance - regular medical visit:

(Leave all live tracking records)

This is Dr. Junior to enter Ward 88 for routine service

Duty attendance - security patrol:

(Leave all live tracking records)

Report to center, this is Carl. I am at the backdoor. The warehouse is normal.

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