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Reception Series-VisCORDER
AV Mates Series
Network Publishing Series
Automation Series
Tower Duplicators Series
Discs Printers Series
DIStroyers Series
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We are introducing the B-line equipment & system to address the evolving market in Blu-Ray disc application. We offer you the best selection of quality equipment, powered with free-license software plus advanced features. All products supplied by us are under our standard product warranty for 6-12 months after purchase, and timeless support. Check out our illustrative on-line demos.
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Reception Series - VisCORDER

the restless 24/7/365 receptionist capturing all arriving guest or visitor information in audio and in video, retrieve to view through customized password, paired with door bell and 10 audio/languages hint


AV Mate Series

Hand-held palm sized device copying, transfering, storing all audio, video and images. Accept all popular memory cards


Discs Printers Series

Thermal and Inkjet for different disc printing requirement. Professional and picture-like outlook. Now, the Dye-Sub printer


Network Publishing Series

Discs-on-demand publishing with unique advanced features, through local and remote network. Best selling network model in Asia. Now, the B-line

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Automation Series, the walk-away operation without manual attendance .

Tower Series, the most popular volume and heavy duty discs duplicator.

DIStroyersTM Series, devices to process those unwanted replicated discs, protecting the sensitive contents from falling into the wrong hands.

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