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Most cost-optimal eMarketing and ePromotion

Most cost-optimal power tool in eMarketing and ePromotion

  Awareness, exposure and make known to target audience:

Success of a product or service depends very much on its awareness, exposure and known to the public, specially its target audience. That is no wonder why the some big companies holds many launching presentations. One being popular is the Apple's iPhone.


CEO and Managerial decision makers are tend to battle between cost vs effectiveness, i.e. ROI when it comes to advertising and promoting the product or service.


Chances are when huge costs spent, the outcome is incredibly small or even none. Smart marketers are now giving up the exhibition, the roadshow, the B2B, visiting customer trips, the advertising through magazines or other media because there is a smarter way available, the eMarketing and ePromotion. How to make the maximum output from the internet is every day concern. One of the most cost-optimal tool is the email broadcast.


When Big Data is now the hot topic, every one is looking at a good partner to work with. By many global columnists, trade magazines and book writers, such as the Economist, Lyris, Webpro, Constant Contact, the email brocast is the top choice.

  Expertise team:

Profound industrial experience for over 20 years in dealing with

    contents storage both in production and application, plus in-

    depth experience in digitized professionalism


Overseas technical training for some of engineering staffs,

    and deploying top-notched software, hardware, system



Own servers, lightning fast and non-interrupted


Abide universal and local law, member of U.S. and China anti-spam



Under normal circumstances, 3-7days to complete task with report (log



Speed email inquiry: Pleaser describe briefly requirement


Service scope:

All business segments, manufacturing, retails, trading


Various vivid still and animated landing email, including

    demo video clips


Instant interactive response, by all portable devices, and

    handp hones


Distribute and broadcast


Big data analysis

Professional service at fair and just cost                                                 

Fair and just fee to include a customized landing email. with interactive

    features with the readers, and broadcast to 1selected business segment

    (local, Hongkong/Macau)


Necessary to submit photos and descriptive



Option for more customisation, demo video clip

    (advanced quote)


Abundant big data base exceeding millions, regular

    update and added



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Payment method

Speed email

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