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Discs Printers Series

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Our new FE0406 thermal colour printing has a picture-alike result!
Discs labelling and indexing by Desktop Printers is no more a mysterious costly job done inside the studio. Our Discs Printers Series are fast, accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use. Direct disc printing will offer your discs a more classy and professional look. Besides, the printed result is water-proof, & long lasting. Spectrum2 thermal printer can lightning fast complete a text-logo-bar-code label less than 10 seconds.

Thermal Printer

Product Code: FE0406

Spec & Features:

  • Full colour printing as nearer to photo-alike ouput

  • Standalone or automation upto network enable

  • 400 dpi and 290 lpi (better than silk-screen printing)

  • Use true black ribbon

 Click here to view a printed disc example

Thermal Printer

Product Code: FE0401

Spec & Features:

  • Multi-colours ribbon printing (CMY) 

  • High quality, 600dpi

Thermal Printer

Product Code: FE0402

Spec & Features:

  • Monochrome ribbon printing, black, red, blue

  • World fastest thermal desktop printer, less than 10 second for a print job

  • High quality, 300-600 dpi

Inkjet Printer

Product Code: FE0407

Spec & Features:

  • Picture & photo like printing

  • 4,800dpi

  • Up to 6 colours

  • High quality, inexpensive


All of the above devices have our standard warranty for 12 months after purchase  & timeless operative assistance. Extended technical maintenance is available. Please check out our Service webpage.

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Thermal printer gives waterproof labels




Inkjet printer have the best resolution for picture like labels
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