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Digitize AV tapes


  Advantage of digitalization

The Audio-Video engineering has revolved into a digital era. Analogue both in hardware and software now become the museum displays. Keeping them are literally behind the trend, useless, and waste of effort


The apparent advantages of digitalization is orderly sorting, space saving, anti-humidity, easy searching, no more messy. The most common digital media is optical discs, nand flash memory and solid state drive. Comparatively, digital products are inexpensive, trendy popular and excellent in application

 Esteemed reputation background :

 Unparaelled industrial experience for over 20 years in dealing

    with contents storage both in production and application, plus

    in-depth experience in digitized professionalism


Expertise team including overseas technical training for some of

   engineering staffs, and deploying top-notched software,

   hardware, system equipment. Please refer to our world-class

   equipment webpage, click here


Profound clientele group such as Hong Kong Monetary authority's

   Cheque clearing center, 3 top universities, legal, accounting and

   insurance professional entities


A blend of new techology and old devices:



Service scope:

Welcome assignment from personal or business inquiries


Under normal circumstances, 3-7days to complete task


Minimum based per 60 minutes duration, accept customisation as

   upto studio industrial standard


Memorable videos like inauguration, graduation, wedding, grand

   opening can be digitized and burnt into recordable media (free

   optical disc). More enjoyable version can be edited, and created

   with introduction title, background music, provided 20-30 photos,

   and ending like ordinary movie for continuous watching during

   any gatherings, another very thoughtful gift to relatives and

   friends as well


Hassle free - Fast secure delivery by courier upon completion

Professional service at fair and just cost                                                

Base on actual submitted material, respective fee will be quoted

   in advance


Strictly abide professionalism in preserving privacy, and

   commercial confidentiality. All master tape and material sealed

   and returnable immediately after completion. Non-disclosure

   declaration might be provided upon request

Speed email inquiry: Pleaser describe briefly requirement

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We produce CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, too.



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They are data, images, files, audio and video.
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