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Multimedia cards copier, player and album




Also play straight to any VCR, LCD or any display device. Best for business presentation, outdoor promotion, seminar & tutorial illustration.



Digital Partner  This is the best storage album to retrieve images from your video, camcorder, camera when you are on the road without carrying extra memory cards or shopping expensive memory cards during mid-night hours. The model is do-it-yourself for your optional size of hard disk from 120GB or larger capacity.



Features and Specifications :
2.5" mobile hard disks (from 120GB up)

USB connectivity, USB 2.0 high speed
Direct interface with camcorder/camera/video or PC
Copying, Storing, and transferring visual and audio files

DC operated or by 4xAA batteries
2in1 Mobile pouch for the unit and the batteries provided for outdoor/indoor


Clear simple indicative buttons

Windows 2000/Me/XP/Mac, driver disc for Win98/98se

Available in Silver/Red/Black



Multimedia Album  Standalone, hubbed with 120GB hard disk, copier for all popular memory cards CF/MD/SD/MMC/MS/MSPro, player for MP345 audio, musical and video files, direct connected to TV, LCD, monitors, screen display devices and all VGA equipments, best for business presentation, outdoor promotion, seminar and tutorial illustration.


      Accept all memory cards                 Other side view               Infrared remote control


Advanced features + specifications :
2.5" mobile hard disk in capacity from 120GB or larger

Work on standalone basis for copying, formatting, playback without PC or



Copying, Reading, Playing, Storing, and transferring all visual and audio files

NTSC/PAL systems

600Mega pixels photos display/300~600 vector pixels motion video

Unit measure 115(L) x 77(W) x 21(H)mm

Dual power supply: built-in Lithium battery; and  AC adapter

Card slots for most popular memory cards CF/MD/SD/MMC/MS/MSPro

Credit-card sized Infrared remote control

Hitachi and other popular brands hard disks are available

Generic SD memory cards (2GB) are available at manufacturing cost


SD memory card (retail pack)

Please ask or go to our recordable webpage for more details of

the memory cards and hard disks.

All of the above devices have our standard warranty after purchase (hard disk by original factory warranty), & timeless operative assistance. Extended technical maintenance is available. Please check out our Service webpage.

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We accept major Credit Cards

copier/player for all memory cards, MP3/MP4







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