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About us

Our Mission

To remain always the No. 1 provider of digitized publishing solu
tion in Asia in a promising partnership with all the high-calibre, and caring human talents, and to satisfy the ever-changing market needs through persistent progressive innovative development.


Company Profile

Fastrack Craft & Tech Ltd. has been set up in an unstable political year of

   1989 in Hong Kong. We are appreciative to serve various industries and the

   community over 20 years.
Taking many entrepreneurial attempts, we made several vast diversification
     to the focus in identifying, and satisfying the market needs of the optical       digitized replicating equipment.
We have expertise of experience & knowledge in production & in marketing

   through industrial-users networks and domestic channels worldwide with the 

   Contents Storage media.

We represent and distribute world-class quality equipments which are already

   leaders in their respective industry or sector.

We establish arm-length working partnership with some of the principal 

   market players in the technological service providers in Hong Kong, and in the


We are the registered vendor of the local and neighbouring governments for

   the IT equipment, and peripherals.

We have an elite reference of user-customers, such as the Fortue500 in

   U.S., and in this region, including the local banking industry, colleges and

   universities, law firms, construction sector, and various government


Our professional colleagues are technological and technically top geared, and

   regularly trained abroad.

Please visit our Equipment, Material, Service.

(1) 2/F River View Block D, 168 Sheung Wun Yiu, Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong SAR

Tel: +852-2898 9613, 8221 8418          Fax: +852-2897 8821


(2) 1 Hsin Saan Road, Block2, Chan Uk Industrial Estate, Wu Sa District,

Chang An, Dungguan, Postal Code 523800, Republic of China

           Tel: +86 (769) 8176 7937; 8530 0812                   

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We are not working alone, we have supportive customers, and reliable partners.


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